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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. - Anais Nin.

I spent years of my life in that uncomfortable bud. Quitting things. Not showing up to things. Feeling guilty. Feeling bad about myself. Staying home. Being lonely. Hiding away. Daydreaming about my life and the person I could be in some alternate reality that felt so impossible to reach.

Daydreaming about the girl who was fearless, confident, happy, sexy, and successful (among other things.) I lived my life on autopilot and was always looking toward a brighter future that I wasn’t putting in the work to create.

And then one day without realizing it, I started doing the work. The inner work. This slowly led to me doing the outer work as well.

It took me years to get there but all of a sudden I was dressing the way I wanted to dress, in a way that made me feel beautiful and comfortable and like ME. After years of working so hard, I earned my college degree. After years of imagining what my life would be like with a car, I got one. After years of dreaming about moving to my happy place, I packed up that car and my cat and moved there. After years of wishing for a handsome gentleman who loved me more than anything, I found one and we created a beautiful life together. We set out on an adventure together and moved across the country to experience a new lifestyle. I found jobs that showed me the passion I had for helping other women, and the confidence I needed to lead myself and others. I had a baby girl who then brought me back to home, where I would build my own business from the ground up while being the mother I always dreamed of being.

And now barely one year into my business, I have loyal and loving customers and clients, I have models from all over the world who want to work with me and be the face of my brand, I have magazines reaching out to do interviews with me, I have organizations asking to host events FOR me, I have casting producers who want me on their reality television shows, Organizers asking me to be a guest speaker at their inspirational events, I have television hosts asking me to be on their live shows, I have additional event organizers asking me to be a vendor at their events because they’d love to have my brand there, the list goes on and there is some new and exciting opportunity all the time.

It took me over a decade to get to where I am. My life isn’t perfect by any means, but I take full ownership of it, I am in full control, it is 100% MINE, and I am happier than I have ever been.

Maybe television appearances aren’t your thing. Maybe leaving your safety net behind and moving across the country isn’t your thing.

But if you are a woman who is ready to let your life BLOSSOM, and you’re ready to put in some work and become that next level version of yourself, I’m the woman you want on your team.

The great news is that YOU don’t need to spend a decade + to achieve a transformation like this. I have created a TWO WEEK group program to give you the knowledge, and tools required to bring about the change you desire, and to create a life that you love.

You just have to be willing to blossom.


To sign up you can speak to me via our contact form, facebook messenger, instagram DM, or email us at