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Redefining Mom Style


Hi. I’m Rachel, I own & operate Zoftig Boutique. I’m also the mother of a sassy, smart, and all around fantastic little girl. She’s 2 now, but that’s still one of my favorite pictures of us. 

Even though I’m a mom, I don’t want to dress LIKE A MOM. I know many of you feel that way too. I just recently had a Style Session with someone who specifically mentioned not wanting to look like a mom. 

And I felt that. I totally got it. If you’re a mother, I’m sure you do too. 

But what does that MEAN? Looking or dressing “like a mom”.  This is what I asked my client. What does that mean to you? If you had to close your eyes and picture someone who is dressed like a mom and describe it to me, what would you say? 

Seriously, if you’re someone who feels this way, try it. Let me know in the comments what that Mom look is for you. 

This client mentioned baggy clothing, looking disheveled, just thrown together, no effort kind of style.  That’s basically what I imagine too when I think of that. I see a woman at the grocery store with a young child and her hair is messy, she’s got clothing that doesn’t fit right, it looks like she just threw herself together to get things done. 

But at the end of the day, it’s not so much the actual outfit that matters. Looking “like a mom” is a whole VIBE. It’s a lifestyle. And so many of us can relate to it. 

You’re taking care of your kids, they’re your world, you’re taking care of your partner, you’re taking care of work, you’re cleaning the house, you’re running the errands, you’re doing ALL THE THINGS for EVERYONE, and then you’re giving the very little that’s left over to yourself. If you even have anything left over to give to yourself. 

That’s the mom look that we’re afraid of. That’s the mom style.  Being tired, exhausted, burnt out, having nothing left for YOU because everyone else and their needs come first. 

Well I say it’s time to redefine what Mom style is for you. 

I felt horrible when I was first figuring out how to be a mother and I struggled with taking care of this amazing little human, my loved ones, my home, my work, and myself. And just like that sentence, I often put myself last. 

Interestingly enough, that should be my first priority. ME. 

Yes, as a mother your time is limited and you have a lot on your plate. So your routine and your look has to change and be modified to adapt to your lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw everything that makes you feel good out the window. 

To be the best mother you can be, you have to take care of yourself and focus on making yourself feel good. 

Even if you’re just getting dressed to strap 3 kids into three carseats and go for a target run. You can still take a few minutes to yourself to dress in a way that is going to make you feel good. 

I’m not saying wear your favorite evening gown to target. I’m saying maybe invest in a few quality t shirts that make you feel luxurious when you wear them. Get rid of your saggy old leggings and buy some new ones that fit and aren’t faded. 

Make it a priority that when your partner is doing their share of watching the kids, you get to have a nice long shower that makes you feel amazing. 

If you have 15 minutes to yourself, try to come up with some casual everyday outfits that you can plan ahead so when the time comes you can just throw on the clothes and not have to rush yourself with putting an outfit together in the moment, or just putting on whatever is closest to you and doesn’t smell. 

Ask for help if and when you need it. You deserve to do the things that make you feel good, the things that make you feel beautiful. You deserve and are SO WORTH the 15 minutes it takes to plan out some outfits that you will be comfortable in but will also make you feel beautiful and put together. 

When I’m in full mom mode and I have a toddler to chase around while running errands, you better believe I’m in leggings, a tshirt, and probably have a messybun. But I feel and look beautiful. My leggings fit well and probably have a cute detail that makes me feel stylish. My tshirt is probably a vneck that makes me feel sexy, and it fits me to show off my curves, I’ll wear a lace cami under it so I’m not showing what feels like too much cleavage, and the lace peeking out from under the top adds style to the outfit, I’ll throw on my go to necklace so I don’t have to think too hard about accessorizing, and I make sure I have the time to put on just enough makeup to make me feel good. 

It’s a minimal effort outfit, and takes virtually no time to put together, but I’m INTENTIONAL about it. I think about how I want to feel when I’m doing whatever I’m doing. I prioritize my feelings and my comfort, and build an outfit that works for my situation around that. 

Looking like a mom doesn’t have to be messy, unsexy, baggy, no effort, wearing whatever. Looking like a mom can be vibrant, effortlessly chic, intentionally comfortable and cute, sophisticated, whatever you want it to look like. 


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