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From Winter Woes to Winter Wows. One Fat Girl's Journey to Finding a Winter Coat.


This is me smiling, happy, WANTING to take a selfie of me in my winter jacket, for the first time ever in my life. I’ve been various levels of overweight for most of my life, and it was always a struggle to find a jacket to get me through New York winters  that was comfortable, had the right fit, and looked cute. I can think of one other time in my life that I was sort of happy with my winter wear. I was 12ish and I got one of those reversible Northface jackets everyone else my age was wearing. I felt like I was one of the coolkids, so that was enough for me. Aside from that, NOTHIN.

Back in my day, we had to walk to school in 10 feet of snow with tennis rackets as shoes plus size women didn’t have half the options that we have today, and teenage Rachel did NOT want to shop at the few matronly options we did have. I would refuse to go into those stores, or on the off chance that I did stuff my pride in my purse and walk in, I would be MISERABLE and that would dictate the whole experience. Most of the time I would just refuse to wear a suitable winter coat for as long as humanly possible and I would wear my hoodies till my mother screamed at me or picked a coat out for me herself and I would just wear that. For a long time the only jackets I would wear were ones that she bought for me online. I hated them but I didn’t die of frostbite so, thanks mom.

While I was pregnant and still living in California, the retail store I was working at was trying to get rid of their winter coats since we were getting into the warmer months. They had some crazy mega sale and I was like “well, for under 10 dollars I should check this out. I’ll have a coat for when I visit NY”. They had a cute looking white one and I didn’t even try it on because I assumed I’d hate it. I just knew that anything would be better than the old stained one I left behind when I moved that was waiting in my bedroom closet in NY.

Almost a year later when I moved back to NY I made sure I took that new coat with me and one of the first things I did was stick it in my closet so I wouldn’t forget it when winter rolled around. Well, we’re officially in NY winter now and even though things have been pretty mild so far I have definitely been wearing this badboy all the time. When I put it on I could not BELIEVE how it felt. It zipped up like a dream, no uncomfortable tightness around my pouch, it felt cozy, I didn’t feel HUGE in it, the furry hood didn’t annoy me, so far everything was a great success. Then I wore it out and I actually felt CUTE in it. I have never felt cute in my winter coats. It was a new feeling for me. Feeling comfortable, cute, and fashionable in my winter wear. I’ll take a better picture of me in it one day but for now I had to snap a selfie of myself in it because I was thinking about sharing this post with you guys.

So, if you’re like me and you’ve struggled with winter options as a plus size woman in the past, I definitely encourage you to go out there once more and give it another shot. Keep your mind and heart open. Things are changing in the fashion world for us, in the best possible way.  If you have a picture of you in your winter wear that you like, please share it! I’d love to see.

I’d also like to say that NO, this is not from my own collection, this was bought from another plus size retailer, and NO I don’t mind sharing that at all. Zoftig Boutique is not about ME ME ME ONLY BUY FROM ME. Zoftig Boutique is about feeling good in what you put on your body, WHEREVER you purchase it from.  There are 498w39485793488934 clothing options for non plus sizers, and I want the same for us bigger gals. We deserve just as many options to complete our look. Zoftig Boutique is proud to be just one super cute and special drop in that bucket.


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